Cheney United Methodist Church
Monday, January 22, 2018
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Wedding Guidelines and Fees

The wedding you anticipate is different from any others because it is a service of worship celebrated for the purpose of establishing a Christian home. In that worship service, we will offer praise to God for the special gift of love that God has given you. And in response, you as a couple dedicate yourselves to establishing a Christian home. The congregation, as the People of God, proclaim God’s blessing on the creation of this new family. The minister acts not on their own authority, but as a representative of the People of God, the Church. You will want to plan carefully for this important and sacred service.
1.  All weddings in the Cheney United Methodist Church must be under the direction of its Pastor. At the discretion of the pastor, a minister outside the church may be invited to share or officiate in the marriage service. 
2. The Discipline of the United Methodist Church requires the Pastor to counsel with each couple they marry. Make a counseling appointment as soon as possible.
3. In view of the seriousness with which the Scriptures and the Church regard divorce, a United Methodist minister may solemnize the marriage of a divorced person only when they have satisfied themselves by careful counseling that:
       a. The divorced person is sufficiently aware of the factors leading to the failure of the previous marriage.
       b. The divorced person is sincerely preparing to make the proposed marriage truly Christian.
       c. Sufficient time has elapsed for adequate preparation and counseling.
4. The wedding service is a service of worship. The focus of the service must be on God.  Therefore, no flash pictures may be taken during the ceremony. If the photographer can take pictures using natural light without interfering with the worship service, he/she may do so.
5. Music used in the ceremony must be in keeping with a worship service. The minister and organist will be happy to assist you in the selection of music.
6. The church has candelabra that is available to you for a charge of $10.00. It is suggested, however, that you use dripless candles. This helps eliminate wax build-up on the candelabra. Please place the plastic under each one to keep wax off the carpet.
7.    No wedding service shall begin after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Two plans are available for receptions to be held in Fellowship Hall. Someone from the Reception Committee should be contacted to meet with the people to furnish them with guidelines concerning receptions.
Plan A:
     This plan covers the receptions when the people have someone helping them serve the cake and punch.
          1. Meet with one of the Reception Committee for information concerning what is expected of them and what they want.
          2. The Reception Committee will be present during the reception.
          3. The committee will clean the kitchen which includes washing the dish towels and returning them to the cabinet.
          4. The people having the reception will furnish people to serve. If Reception Committee furnishes servers, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.
          5. A fee of $50.00 to the United Methodist Women will be charged.
          6. If finger foods or anything other than cake and punch are served, the fee will be $75.00.
Plan B:
     This plan covers the reception when the people want the United Methodist Women to do the entire reception.
          1. Meet with the Reception Committee to get instructions as to what their requests are.
          2. The committee sets up the table, places the dishes and silver, puts nuts and mints on the table.
          3. The committee makes the punch, ingredients may be furnished by the family. If not furnished, then they are expected to pay for it unless other arrangements have been made.
           4. The committee will clean the kitchen which includes washing the dish towels and returning them to the cabinet.
          5. The committee keeps the table supplied with dishes, silver, punch, nuts, and mints and anything else that is needed.
          6. The committee keeps the dishes and silver washed up so there is never a time when there are none available.
          7. The cake, mints, and nuts are to be furnished by the family, also the centerpiece and napkins.  The family also provides the people to do the serving.  
          8. The committee will clean up in the kitchen which includes washing the dish towels and returning them to the cabinet.
          9. A fee of $100.00 to the United Methodist Women will be charged.
        10. If finger foods or a meal is served, the fee will be $125.00
It would be preferred that no charges need be made for the use of church facilities, but this is not possible. The wedding will involve extra work on the part of church employees and add extra cost to the maintenance and operation of the building. Not all charges are nessesary, wedding can be tailored to fit the needs of the couple.  The charges are as follows:
Members/Participating Non-Member
Use of Sanctuary                    No Charge
Use of Fellowship Hall               No Charge
Organist                                Honorarium
Vocalist                                 Honorarium
Custodian :                            (Church) $50.00
                                           (Fellowship Hall -- Rehearsal Dinner) $25.00
                                           (Fellowship Hall -- Reception) $25.00
Sound Engineer:                      (Rehearsal) $35.00
                                            (Event) $35.00
Minister                                             Minimum of $100.00
Use of Sanctuary                                                 $ 75.00
Use of Fellowship Hall and Kitchen facilities               $125.00
Use of Kitchen facilities                                         $ 25.00
Organist                                             Minimum of $ 25.00
Vocalist                                                          Honorarium
Custodian :                                           (Church)  $ 50.00
                      (Fellowship Hall -- Rehearsal dinner)  $ 25.00
                               (Fellowship Hall -- Reception)  $ 25.00
Sound Engineer:                                  (Rehearsal)  $ 35.00
                                                             (Event)  $ 35.00
All fees are to be paid in full two weeks prior to the reception.