Cheney United Methodist Church
Monday, January 22, 2018
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

Building Guidlines

WELCOME TO FELLOWSHIP HALL. We hope you enjoy the opportunity of using this facility. There are a few things we feel you should know.
1. Use of any part of the facilities “for profit” by individuals is not permitted. Only United Methodist sponsored groups may utilize the facilities for profit.
2. There is a non-member user fee established by the Board of Trustees to cover the cost of utilities and other expenses. (Certain non-profit organizations are not charged, but a donation to the maintenance is appreciated.) Please contact the church office regarding this. (See schedule in facilities section for these regulations.)
2. Users are responsible for setting up the hall for their own use (or making arrangements with the church custodian and paying him accordingly) and in returning the hall to its previous condition. A vacuum cleaner is available in the furnace room in the Fellowship Hall. Waste containers are in the storage closet in the kitchen. Feel free to use the lights as needed, but please turn them off when you are through with them --  checking especially closets, restrooms, and exterior lights.
3. Heating and cooling is controlled by the thermostat near the furnace room. Heating is recommended about 68° and returned to 55° when leaving. Cooling is recommended at 72° or 74° and turned off when leaving. Both heating and cooling needs to be turned on prior to meeting time by an hour or more, depending upon outside temperature. Extra circulation is available by switching the “fan” from “auto” to “on”.  
4. Locking and unlocking Fellowship Hall is a precaution observed mainly to discourage vandalism. A key for the entrance is available in the church office and should be arranged for prior to the time of the meeting. The office is open every morning except Saturday. (The kitchen has a separate key, not available.) The doors may be “unlocked” for normal use by pressing down the inside panic bar and simultaneously inserting the screwdriver (hanging on a chain to the left) under and up into the screw slot of the bar support, turning it counter-clockwise one quarter of a turn. Both doors may be “locked” in the same manner, just reverse the process. Please lock all doors when leaving.
Fellowship Hall is spacious and adaptable to most meetings and events. We have tables, chairs, a piano, dividers, and a large projection screen to add to the convenience of using the room. Adequate restroom facilities are available at each end of the room. We ask that you do not enter the other parts of the church.
1. Because of their weight, we request that two (2) people, at least , be used when a table is moved or set up. Dragging damages both the carpet and the table.
2. Tables are stored in the storage room in the southeast corner on a table cart. They should be stored top to top and base to base to avoid damage to the tops. The retaining posts may be removed to aid in removing the tables. Removal of a chair cart will also aid in access to the tables. The tables tend to fall when some are removed--  watch it!
1. Two chair carts are available. We request that no chairs be place against the walls! The carts will hold thirty or more chairs and may be moved to facilitate setting up and putting away. The carts are in the hall.
1. The piano may be moved to any part of the hall. Please do not place it against an outside wall.
1. In the fall and winter, the gas logs of the fireplace are available for moderate heating. The pilot light is off during the summer. Remember, this is fire, dangerous and hot.
The use of the sanctuary is open to all people. The place where people worship should be treated with great reverence and respect. No running or loud noise should occur. We must remember this building is dedicated to God and it is here that people meet God. Of course, God needs no house with walls, but we need a place set apart from others where our thoughts will be directed to God.
1. All events must be cleared through the church office. Contact the office (either through the secretary or the pastor) for scheduling.
2. Moving furniture produces damage. If furniture is to be moved--adequate help is needed. PULPIT AND LECTERN--must be returned to the same spot. WATCH the microphone connections! Do not place pulpit or lectern on connectors or cables. When moving the ALTAR (Communion Table), remove the cross and candle holders prior to moving.
3. Candelabra are available for use at weddings, etc. It is very important that the person using the candelabra clean all wax from them after using them.
4. The PA system is available for use but only with trained personnel. Simply contact the church prior to the use of the sanctuary and someone will be available to assist with the operation of the system. Be sure it is turned off upon leaving.
5. The piano and organ are available. Please use with care. Do not use paper clips or other foreign objects around either the piano or organ.
6. Please turn off all lights after you have used any part of the building!!!
7. REPORT ANY DAMAGE OR PROBLEMS to the pastor or church office--immediately!!!
The library is available for small group meetings. The heating/cooling control is on the west wall. Please turn heat back to 68° and cooling off when leaving. Also, turn all lights off including the outside light. Be sure the door is locked.
Members may use all facilities for weddings, funerals, family celebrations, and anniversaries without charge. Arrangement must be made through the pastor or church secretary.
Arrangement may be made with the custodian for set up and clean up, etc. but, it is expected that he will be reimbursed in an amount not less than the schedule listed below. The people using the facilities, if they choose, may do their own setting up and cleaning up but, it must be returned to its previous condition.
Rental of the facilities must be arranged for through the church office in consultation with the pastor, the Board of Trustees, or its chairperson, the chairperson of the Administrative Board or the Lay Leader. See Expense Form
Arrangements for set up, clean up, etc. must be made with the church custodian with remuneration to be, not less than: See Expense Form
Members or organizations of the church may check out chairs with permission through the church office in consultation with the pastor, the Board of Trustees, or its chairperson, the chairperson of the Administrative Board or the Lay Leader.
Church chairs may be loaned to other local churches and/or schools with prior approval obtained through the pastor.
The tables and the special folding chairs in the parlor are not to be removed from the church. Some tables are available from storage in the United Methodist Church Fair Building and may be obtained through the designated caretaker named by the Board of Trustees. A charge of one dollar per table will be paid to the church for the use of those tables.
           Silver tea service
           John Wesley tea service
           Silver table service
           Punch bowls, cups, and plates
These articles may be used by members, with permission, from the United Methodist Women. Any damage or breakage must be reimbursed to the United Methodist Women. If the lace tablecloth is used without the plastic cover, it must be cleaned before returning it to storage. A heavy plastic cover is available to be used at receptions under the serving table to eliminate cake crumbs falling on the carpet. None of the above items are to leave the church building.
The United Methodist Women have a Reception Committee that will work with anyone wanting to use Fellowship Hall for a reception. Contact the United Methodist Women’s president to obtain the names of those on the committee.
The use of the kitchen is limited to stoves, refrigerator space, and sinks. Use of dishes, cooking equipment, dishwasher, etc. is by arrangement with the United Methodist Women. There is usually a charge for this. (Certain non-profit organizations are not charged, but a donation to the United Methodist Women for maintenance purposes is appreciated.) Please contact the president of the United Methodist Women concerning the use of specific items.